• Revealing the Mystery of Sonata Form Through Beethoven 4

    Sonata Form. Ever heard the term? Whether you have or have not, you’ve certainly heard it in action if you’ve been to any of our Classics and Beyond or Masterworks series concerts. Sonata form was a favourite of Classical and Romantic composers and they used it EVERYWHERE! Most often, you’ll come across sonata form in the first movement of a symphony or chamber work. It’s often used in slow second […]

Uri MayerArtistic Advisor

Born in Romania, Uri Mayer grew up in Israel, where he studied viola and conducting at the University of Tel Aviv. On the recommendation of Leonard Bernstein, he continued to further his education at the Juilliard School of Music in New York; there he was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma with a double major in orchestral conducting and viola. read more

Brian JacksonPrincipal Pops Conductor

Brian Jackson holds a Master of Arts in Music Theory, History and Composition from Oxford University. He began his conducting career after immigrating to Canada in 1968, becoming the country’s youngest Music Director when he led the Peterborough Symphony. read more

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